Friday, November 12, 2010

Taste Farmers Markets New Zealand Awards 2011


Success is easy pickings for local growers

Everyone loves the taste of fresh produce, particularly when it has been grown close to home. Farmers’ Markets are about celebrating seasonal and local goods – and the best are about to be judged.

With more than 50 Farmers’ Markets throughout the country, the inaugural Taste Farmers’ Market Awards 2011 will be out to find the finest in each category of fresh, local, authentic food that is value for money.

Objectives of the Taste Farmers' Markets Award

The FM movement is about building and strengthening local communities, supports local businesses. The brand is environmentally sustainable and projects fresh, seasonal, quality. Customers are interested in their health, knowing where their food comes from and are well read and educated people. They’re also looking for social interaction and learning more about food

Objectives of the Taste Farmers’ Market New Zealand Awards 2011

• To celebrate Farmers’ Markets and their regional food producers

• To support regional food producers and networks through celebration of achievements

• To stimulate additional business for Farmers’ Markets and food producers of NZ

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